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DEvour power | @Devourpower | 630 Thousand followers

Greg & Rebecca's food & travel account showcasing the ultimate food-porn. This is the most engaging NYC-based food Instagram account that creates its own content. The hashtag #DEVOURPOWER has grown to over 350,000 and counting. Leaving their jobs a few years ago they’ve transformed their brand into a mass marketing tool being used across the globe.

Greg and Rebecca have quite the resume working with brands such as: Little Caesars, Red Lobster, Dos Toros, Honda, Acura, Ubber Eats, Postmates, KIND, Popeyes, Shake Shack, American Express and more!

“Social media completely changed our business, not only did it completely change our business,
it pretty much started our business. When we started @devourpower..we didn’t know how
fast it would grow.”
”We take the same kind of close-up, food porn photos featured on our account. Lots of natural lighting. But they’d rather work with us than a traditional PR or marketing firm, because we can offer what they can’t — a post on our account, which can reach more than a million people if it’s cross-posted on our other sister accounts. Our accounts make 10 million impressions a week.”